How to survive high school

So you’re just trying to survive right, ok survival of the fittest. Nah i’m just joking with ya if you don’t know me by know I like to do that a lot but enough with the goody good goods part i’m going to help you survive. Step 1. Friends, reach out become apart of things that you love to do (band, choir, clubs, student council, writing groups) Step 2.Open up about your school life to home and to school staff if you need a person to talk. Step 3. Finally find what you love to do and achieve it set goals in life don’t sit there and watch others do the work you love to do, you get up and do it.


Childhood memories can be a sad time,

If you don’t fit in with the people you’re around.

Especially if you live in a little area called Vinton County.

Some will not accept others that are not from there.

I had to learn this the hard way,

From the bullying,

The torment,

The fighting,

The sports,

The animals and,

The separatism,

You were lucky if you could find someone nice.

Then that day came I found my friends to help me up from my hole,

I will never forget their names they were always there for me.

I got lucky and found two that played sports,

Baseball and,


Just like I said they were there for me no matter what and that’s all needed in my life.

They were like family never to be forgotten,

That’s why they will always be the good side on the good side of my memory.

Finally like I alway like to say old friends are like a lost memory lost but never to be forgotten.

A poem devoted for a Dumpster

People are like a trashcan open to thoughts and feelings.

In the midst of the day I sit lonely,

I sit in unbelievable grief from all the torment people do to me.

I’m open to leave people to hate and have them be in disgust.

They say I am uncivilized and awful but I can’t do a thing .

So I sit here in sadness,

I sit here in sickness,

I sit here in disbelief,

Just waiting for the day I won’t be sad no more.

Blogs Blogs Blogs

Here is my comments on the posts I did and why I choose them.

I choose that specific poem because it was kinda describing bullying to me and I spoke my mind about bullying in my own way I felt.  Some words actually do hurt some people I guess. Wait sorry I haven’t formally introduced myself yet my name is Noah. This poem actually made me think about bullying somehow but I don’t know. I guess it was the words “pain, screaming, crying hits me like a brick.”


This is most definitely true bullying needs to stop but how is the question? Is the kid generation actually advanced enough to figure out a way end bullying. If so we need to figure who’s the right person to go to to end it forever. I read how you think you can end it but the bullies will come right back I know because it’s happened to me. I choose this because (if it’s not obvious) I was bullied when I was young.

Fourth of July is one of my favorites because my family celebrates a birthday as well. Also who doesn’t want to see all the cool fireworks every year. When the fireworks light up the sky i’m usually in downtown so it looks so cool to see downtown with a lit up sky. Finally it’s just a time to hang out with the family to get together what better way to ask for something great to be with your family and watch fireworks explode.So if you didn’t get from the begging I choose this because its one of my favorite holidays.

Apps that I use

The apps I mainly use is for school purposes and for the blog challenge.

1. Youtube – I use youtube for teaching purposes really and to really lighten up my day by watching others: its for any age there is even an option for an age limit on videos.

2. Google chrome  – I use this just as a search tool instead of  any other search tool: It’s for any age if you know how to use a computer or phone

3. Google translate – For foreign language: So you don’t need this in most schools till like 14 or 15

4. Photomath – Use to see what i’m doing wrong on a math problem or algebra problem: For ages when you actually have math

5. Classroom – Especially to keep my work all in order and so I know what’s missing and what’s not :Any age if your in school

Black Mountain College

I see people looking at me I see everyone staring 24/7. It gets awkward i’m awkward.When you see me you see just wood i’m just little wooded people and wooded houses. I am just a disgrace i feel like i feel like my artist built me with no feeling, no love , nothing, nothing at all just to be left alone. Also I am not wanted, not cared for not in reality. But I know I am so I put it all i side and see the kids look at me with smiles at happiness and also greatfulness . Finally I’m only wondering if wants going in those kids minds.


“Lynole Feininger”

Bequest of Maxine Kunstadter



Sounds to me is very weird because it is just an unusual thing to write about. Especially in the morning. Sounds make me feel kind of annoyed. The sounds that we did in class was fine i didn’t hate them with anger but i didn’t know how to respond with my mind.



My book is about a african american living a life of slavery in a war.He is just put to such hard work for his young little age of 13 about to turn 14. Nawuth saw his mother brutally murdered and so did his father. Furthermore the father ran away to the jungle to get away from the KHMER ROUGE GENOCIDE. Whenever Nawuth had the chance he ran away to see his father just for a little bit and I wouldn’t blame him losing both parents at a young age would be hard. Especially at this point when family is all that is left.